I Will Use the Library to Locate Good Sources

As a PSC student, I have access to four libraries: PSC Library, WVU Libraries' eCollections, WV Info Depot, and the Keyser-Mineral County  Public Library.

Step 8: Using the Library/Libraries

Libraries offer books, databases, eBooks, journals, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, CDs, and more. Through their physical collections and their electronic subscriptions, they offer access to high quality information resources that aren't always available on the Web. They also offer professional help with searching, citing, and using information.

All PSC library patrons have access to four libraries: 2 physical libraries and 2 virtual libraries. The physical libraries are the Mary F. Shipper Library (PSC) and the Keyser-Mineral County Public Library. The virtual/online libraries are WVU Libraries' eCollections and the WV Info Depot. Students who are not from Keyser will also have access to their hometown public libraries, and out-of-state students will have access to statewide virtual/digital libraries as well.

Video Links
PSC Library Web site (2:03)

WVU Libraries' Databases & Catalog (1:24)

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