Best Defense against Plagiarism Is a Research Log!

I need to incorporate all the different facts and ideas I find into my final paper and give the various authors credit, but I need to do it properly -- otherwise, it will be plagiarism. That's another reason why I keep a research log -- not only does it keep me from losing sources, it also helps me correctly cite my sources.

Step 7: Avoiding Plagiarism

I may be required to submit my paper to Turnitin on eCampus to check for plagiarism. Even if I don't use Turnitin, I still want to check that I've given proper credit to all my sources. I don't want to be accused of plagiarism and fail the assignment or the class.

What Is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is using other people's work without giving them credit. It's a big problem on the Internet. I often find Web sites that have the exact same information as other Web sites and there is no way to verify who said it first or where I can go to check the accuracy of the information. That is plagiarism!

WVU Libraries' Plagiarism Avoidance Tutorial

WVU Libraries have developed a Plagiarism Avoidance Tutorial. Your instructor may ask you to take the tutorial and quiz and send him/her your quiz scores. Or you may want to take it yourself to help as you work on your papers and presentations.

Other Helpful Tools/Resources 

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