Research Log


Setting Up a Research Log

I need to set up a research log.

A research log is simply a method of tracking what I've done and what I've found. It's important because if I have to redo part of my research, I have a record of what worked and what didn't. I also have a record of all my sources and possibly all the quotes I want to use.

The research log can be in any format: index cards, a notebook, a word processing document, a research tool (examples: Zotero and Evernote), or anything that works well for me and the way I do my research.

Step 4: Choosing the Research Log

I am going to use a Google Doc that I've set up for big research projects: All-in-One Research Log. It has several advantages:
  1. It's online, so it is always available from any Internet device. I don't have to carry a USB drive with me.
  2. It's stored on my Google Drive, so it's shareable with my instructor and my peer reviewers. I can use my MIX e-mail account to access Google Drive and share it with Mr. Sydow.
  3. It's a template and a checklist, so I just document my search results and I will end up with all my sources in one place and all my citations for my annotated bibliography and for my final paper bibliography.

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