Multimedia Can Make a Splash! Using Non-Print Sources

"A picture is worth a thousand words" means that media can simplify and enhance understanding. There are lots of very good information sources that are not print/text based. They can add color and interest to my arguments. They can also demonstrate important concepts. I need to find some good examples and use them in my papers and presentation where they are appropriate.

Research Step 4: Locating Multimedia and Transcripts

There are a lot of media formats that I could use: photographs, video clips, audio clips, charts, maps, infographics, or interviews. I may want to use several of these to help explain Ebola and how it effects people and how it spreads. The Web is full of graphics and good audio and video sources. The Library also has databases that offer graphics and good audio and video sources.

One drawback of using media is the time it takes to watch/listen and transcribe the information so that I can use it in my papers and presentations. I can get around some of this by using transcripts: those offered by the sponsoring Web site or those offered by various databases. When I am looking for Web transcripts, I look first at the news organization and media distribution Web sites. I can also search sites like YouTube for appropriate videos. Sometimes the transcripts aren't available online. One of the best databases for news transcripts is Lexis Nexis Academic.

My Strategy for Locating Multimedia

I've already searched the two library collections (the Catamount Catalog and MountainLynx Catalog), and several databases (Credo ReferenceSalem Press ReferenceCQ ResearcherPoints of View, and Academic Search Complete). I've even searched Lexis Nexis Academic for articles. Some of these searches have already revealed multimedia I can use.

Now it's time to look specifically for multimedia. I am going to search for transcripts in Lexis Nexis Academic. I am going to delay searching for Web sources using Web search tools. I will cover that in the next step.

Video Links
LexisNexis Academic Universe
Google Apps: Research Log

My Multimedia

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