Sometimes a Book Is Best

Books contain a vast array of information about a topic. I may only use one or two chapters from a book, but it will have a wide range of possible information. I can check the table of contents and the index for the specific sections/pages to use.

Books contain easily verified information. I can track the correctness of the information and easily verify other people's opinions of it by looking at book reviews. Because it takes a long time to write, edit, proof, print, and market a book, the information used to be at least two years old. Now books are coming out within weeks or months of an event.

Research Step 2: Locating Books

I want to start first with the books I can access easily. That means I'm going to search the Catamount Catalog (PSC print and eBooks) and MountainLynx Catalog (WVU eBooks). If I need to I can later expand out to books not owned by either library and use interlibrary loan to get them.

  1. Catamount Catalog for print and eBooks in the PSC Library
  2. MountainLynx Catalog for eBooks in the WVU Libraries
  3. Catamount Catalog via WorldCat for books not available in either the PSC or WVU Libraries (I can use the interlibrary loan request button to request these books.)
If I can't find what I need via these three tools, I can expand my search to the Keyser-Mineral County Library Catalog, the Library of Congress Catalog, and book vendors, such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. If I still can't find what I need, I can always ask a librarian for help.

My Books

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