Getting Advice from the Experts

I've got my sources and I've read them. Now I have to synthesize them into a coherent argument for my viewpoint and present evidence to support my solution. I may have a few questions or gaps still that an expert or scholar in the field may be able to help me with. Now is the time to talk to experts!

Research Step 6: Talking to Experts, Scholars, and Professionals

The closest set of experts are those in my personal and academic lives. I can ask family, friends, and professors who have medical knowledge to help me.

If I don't personally know anyone, I can still find people who might be able to help me.

  1. To locate people on campus, I will use the PSC Faculty Directory.
  2. To locate people in the area, I will use the local Yellow Pages.
  3. To locate authors and experts from my sources, I will use search engines and personal/professional Web page.
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