Setting Up the Schedule

There are three important tools for this step:
  1. Class syllabus and handouts
  2. Google Calendar
  3. WVU Libraries' Assignment Calculator (no longer available on new WVU Libraries Web site)
Step 3: Creating a Calendar/Schedule

Fortunately, Mr. Sydow and I have created two calendars for the English 102 students to use:
  1. English 102 Google Calendar: The Google calendar lists in-class activities and teaching videos to watch before class. 
  2. English 102 Assignment Calculator Schedule: The assignment calculator schedule lists the major steps of research and a due date for completing each one.
Remember: The English 102 schedule is different from most research schedules because students are required to turn in an annotated bibliography before they actually start writing the final paper. Therefore, Mr. Sydow and I have rearranged the steps to help you with it. We've also added a step for audiovisuals and transcripts that is not part of the original schedule.

Video links
Google Apps: Logging In & Logging Out
Google Apps: Research Log

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