Articles Are Focused and Timely

When I want very current or very focused views of a topic, an article may be my best bet. Because they are short, I can often find many articles on a particular topic, and each article represents the author's viewpoint on that topic. They allow me to get a wide range of views on controversial topics. They allow me to gather much more current information than books. However, it is often harder to verify the correctness of the information or the author's expertise in the topic. I may have to depend on the type of periodical: journal, trade journal, magazine, or newspaper or the authority of the periodical or the author.

Research Step 3: Locating Articles

Indexes (print) and databases (electronic) are the tools of choice when looking for articles. I've already searched several databases (Credo ReferenceSalem Press ReferenceCQ Researcher, and Points of View), and now I'm going to search several more:
  1. Academic Search Complete is a general database with articles ranging from newspapers to refereed journals.
  2. Lexis Nexis Academic is a group of databases containing newspaper articles; news broadcast transcripts; business articles; and legal articles, cases, and legislation.
  3. I can also use several special databases to locate medical/health articles: Consumer Health CompleteHealth Source: Consumer Edition, and Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition.
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LexisNexis Academic Universe
Google Apps: Research Log

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